2007 Playoff Contenders

2007 Playoff Contenders Football Box – Great Buy Investment Opportunity

2007 Playoff Contenders
2007 Playoff Contenders Sealed Box

With the hobby shift towards group case and box breaks there is not as much inventory in the more modern era being held unsealed. To me this mass breaking of products is creating a potential investment opportunity for those of us with enough will power and patience to hold sealed products for sale at a later date.

Thus from time to time I search various avenues to find the best deal on older wax that I believe to be under-valued or primed to jump in the near future.

2007 Playoff Contenders Football fits that model perfectly and you can even find some boxes today for $80 <Click Here>, which I believe is a great deal as on average this box sales for $110-$120. 

The biggest factor for me looking at investment material boxes is the rookie class….in this product you have three strong potential candidates for the HOF at marquee positions assuming they continue their career trajectory.

2007-Playoff-Contenders-Calvin-Johnson-RC-123-Autograph-215x3001. Calvin Johnson – WR – Detroit

He already holds the record for most receiving yards in a season with 1,964 yds in 2012 and with 66 Total TDs in 7 seasons he is on par to finish with the greats of the game – earning the right to be mentioned in comparison with Jerry Rice.

More importantly “Megatron” is becoming one of the marquee players of a generation of fans. This will ensure hobby gold for many years to come and an increase in demand for his RC cards in the future.

2007-Playoff-Contenders-Adrian-Peterson-RC1-207x3002. Adrian Peterson – RB – Minnesota

If I wrote this article a couple years ago unquestionably “All Day” would be at the top of this list, but a scary knee injury in 2011 cut his season short, Still he returned in 2012 with his best season ever at 2,000+ yds and 12 TDs.

A.P. is easily ranked as the best RB in the league and he seems determined to keep it that way for as long as he can.


2007-Playoff-Contenders-Marshawn-Lynch-RC3. Marshawn Lynch – RB – Seattle

Had a couple of forgettable seasons between 2009-10 when being traded between Buffalo and Seattle, but since 2011 he has been one of the NFL’s most consistent players and in my opinion  very under-rated from the hobby stand point. He has a brilliant alter-ego in the “Beast” mode and his fans in Seattle are rabid over his amazing runs

 On top of the Big Three there are several other solid NFL Rookie cards in the mix including Patrick Willis, Darrelle Revis, Dwayen Bowe,  and Paul Posluzny.  Plus you get an average of 4 Autographs per box. There is even a Dual Auto of Calvin Johnson & Adrian Peterson card in the product….imagine that card’s value in 10 more years?

Verdict: Buy Now before the product starts creeping up in price to match the talent, production and potential of these three stars.

Please comment with your thoughts on this product as well as any other great buy opportunities of sealed wax.

Happy Hunting!


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