2013 Bowman Mini Baseball Set – Are Factory Sets a Good Idea?



One of the fun parts of collecting cards for pack busters is building sets. With the announcement of Bowman Chrome’s new Mini-Factory Set which promises to take the best of Bowman, Bowman Chrome and Drafts and Prospects into a ready made set how will the hobby react?

For many this is an excellent opportunity (I personally didn’t break any Chrome baseball products in 2013 so I see it as a fast way to acquire the key rookies I missed out on.) On the other hand I can only imagine my potential frustration if I spent a lot of resources building those sets myself to see I could have waited.

Another theory being tested is the addition of 30 refractor parallel cards being inserted inside every set. So the age old tradition of buying a complete set and keeping it sealed is now going to be tested with to break open or not to break?

Is this going to become a new trend? Similar to Box/Case Breaks…will we be witnessing Set Breaks?

Will the $220+ price offering be too high?

I’d love to hear your thoughts…until then…Happy Collecting.

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