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2013 National Treasures Football – Will You Roll the Dice?

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When you get into a Super-High End product such as National Treasures (i.e. $450+ a box) you have to weigh your odds in breaking a box/case. With a configuration of 1 pack per box that holds 8 total cards you are into each card at about $55+ per card. A steep price for a blind open. 
So the question is with 2013 being a softer NFL Rookie crop, to me, that makes the risk a significantly higher since you tend to get a RC auto or two per box.

What are your thoughts? Does the potential RC pull deter you from opening National Treasures this year?

NT RC SIG- ON CARD Current Star Signatures includes Jumbo Prime Booklets, Notable Nicknames and Colossal Jersey #s





NT Cut Auto 50- HOF 50th Anniversary Material Cards & Signature Materials Cards features NFL legends.


Each Box contains two base cards, rookie and/or legends (#’d/99 or less), three autographs (#’d/99 or less) and three memorabilia cards (#’d/99 or less)

NT Nike Swoosh


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