2013 Panini Playbook Football Box

2014 Leaf Best of Football Unopened Edition – Hobby FUN is Back Again!

When I saw the sale sheet on this product it was a bit of a leap of faith. Repackaging is all the rage today and repackaging a box with another box could have went in two directions. Fortunately for me and collectors I think Leaf got their formula right!

2011 Playoff Contenders Football Box & Joe Namath Cut Autograph BGS

Not every repackaged box is going to have an Exquisite box inside, but Leaf did an excellent job that each sealed wax box made you feel like you were getting something of value in return.

Some of my favorites from the break were the 2011 Playoff Contenders, 2013 Panini Playbook, 2007 UD Premier and the 2012 Topps Supreme.





2011 Plates & Patches Box with Y.A. Tittle Cut Autograph
2011 Plates & Patches Box with Y.A. Tittle Cut Autograph

When bundled with the Cut Autograph card sealed by Beckett Grading Services in each box, I feel they definitely punched this product into the end zone.

I was fortunate enough to hit a cool Y.A. Tittle with the piercing glare and finished off with a Joe Namath clean cut auto.


Being an avid collector of sealed wax perhaps this product just hits my sweet spot for collecting. The chance of the unknown followed by a choice of do you continue to keep breaking or do you keep the wax box sealed?

For me I only owned one of the boxes I received out of the 8 which was the 2012 Panini Black Football so I think that guy is going to get busted on a future post! But for now I will probably sell my 8 Cut Autographs to recoup some of my costs….and then enjoy the sweet additions to my sealed wax collection!

Until Next Time…..Keep Busting….& In this Case….Perhaps Bust Again!


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