2014 Stickwork – A High End Product that DELIVERS!

Initial reaction: This was one of the most fun breaks I have had in some time! Even more unique to that statement is I don’t collect Hockey cards! Each of the stick swatches seemed more impressive than the next and you could tell that In The Game (ITG) took great care in the quality control process and creation of these Hockey works of art!


You can find a great mix of Hall of Fame Game Used Material

Quad Howe 1


Every insert subset is low numbered with no insert having more than 19 cards in existence! With only three cards per box it still felt like I was getting my money’s worth each time I opened a box!

Yzerman 500a

So to begin my Hockey collection ITG has made it difficult in picking WHICH cards to keep! Great Job ITG we can’t wait to see what you come out with NEXT!



Make sure to subscribe to our blog as we will be posting some financial results as we list cards on eBay to see what collectors value inside the box.

Until then….Keep on Busting!

3 thoughts on “2014 Stickwork – A High End Product that DELIVERS!”

  1. Nice break! Some real nice boxes, better than the one i saw haha. I would be very interested in acquiring the Thorntons from you, if you are selling of trading. I also replied to your thread on beckett.

    1. Thanks Steve C. – I actually listed most of the cards on eBay you can find them here http://bit.ly/1fwcKbD under my eBay ID: home_plate_1989

      What I plan to do with my breaks after the cards sell is to write a follow up article and give the financial break-down per box and per case so collectors know what to expect on average. Thanks for taking the time to check out the break. Cheers!

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