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2014 Topps Museum Collection Baseball 12 Box Case Break

2014 Topps Museum Collection Baseball Product Review

This was definitely a very enjoyable 12 box case break….though it is a high end product with a lot of bust potential there is also room for some pretty special pulls. I can’t fault Topps for not putting in the “Wow” factor…it was just that my luck on players pulled was not in effect.

Myers Gold AutoWith 2 Game Used & 2 Autographs per box (1 hit per pack) buying a single pack or two is a viable gamble at your local card store. In each 12 box case you are guaranteed to hit a limited Framed Autograph & a Momentous Material Jumbo Patch Auto.  In my case that was a Gold Framed Wil Myers /15 which is a decent pull of last year’s ROY.


2014 Topps Museum Collection Archival Autographs
2014 Topps Museum Collection Archival Autographs




My Momentous Material was a bit lackluster with Didi Gregorious Game Used Patch Auto /5.  What I did find most impressive with 2014 Museum Collection was the Archival Autograph subset. I loved the simplicity of the card design and the fact that all the autographs are on-card in that set is very impressive. This would make a beautiful collection to pursue….but alas my budget is limited so I will keep Papi Ortiz as my primary keepsake!

I must have picked up the Nomar Garciaparra case as I pulled two Big Hits of him. A One-of-One Sketch card signed by the artist which was very well drawn. As well as a Nomar Booklet card with Autograph & Relics /10.

2014 Topps Museum Collection Nomar Garciaparra Sketch 1/1 Autograph Book /10
2014 Topps Museum Collection Nomar Garciaparra Sketch 1/1 Autograph Book /10

Overall a very nice product with boom & bust potential. I think if you can afford a roll of the dice than Museum Collection has great ROI potential and provides some fun & excitement along the way.  

I will post again at the end of the week the financial results so we can see how far away from the mark this particular case will be.

Until Next Time……Keep on Busting!


Home Plate Sportscards



2nd Contest – 2014 Stickwork Game Used Stick Give-Away!

Our case break of 2014 In The Game Stickwork went so well that we are giving away one of the Game Used Stick cards to our followers!


We will randomize the winner (I will post that video) on Sunday Night (9pm PST) – March 9th.


You can earn up to 3 entries in the raffle!

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Good Luck to All & Happy Collecting!

Jonathan Huberdeau with Game Used Stick
Jonathan Huberdeau with Game Used Stick
The Shot

NBA: The Exclusive 30 Point Club

Scoring points. It’s what we like to see when watching an NBA game. A player that can score 30 or more points a game is the explosive scoring machine every team wants, but very few can average that over the course of a season.

1986 Fleer Michael Jordan  RC BGS 10
1986 Fleer Michael Jordan RC BGS 10

Only Michael Jordan and Wilt Chamberlain have CAREER scoring averages over 30 points per game. Here is a list of the 26 players listed by the amount of times that have managed to have average 30 points or more in a season. Can Kevin Durant continue has scoring assault with the return of Russell Westbrook and add another 30 point season to his resume? Can Carmelo Anthony go on a scoring spree and carry the Knicks to the playoffs to add his name to this exclusive list of players? We’ll soon find out as the NBA marches it’s way towards the end of the season.

  • Michael Jordan (8x)
  • Wilt Chamberlain (7x)
  • Oscar Robertson (6x)
  • Jerry West (4x)
  • Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (4x)
  • Allen Iverson (4x)
  • Bob McAdoo (3x)
  • Adrian Dantley (3x)
  • Kobe Bryant (2x)
  • Elgin Baylor (2x)
  • Rick Barry (2x)
  • George Gervin (2x)
  • Dominique Wilkins (2x)
  • LeBron James (2x)
  • Jack Twyman (1x)
  • Walt Bellamy (1x)
  • Bob Pettit (1x)
  • Nate “Tiny” Archibald (1x)
  • Pete Maravich (1x)
  • World B. Free (1x)
  • Moses Malone (1x)
  • Bernard King (1x)
  • Karl Malone (1x)
  • Tracy McGrady (1x)
  • Dwyane Wade (1x)
  • Kevin Durant (1x)
Karl Malone PSA 10
1986 Fleer Karl Malone RC

Anyone surprise you on this list? I was shocked Karl Malone only averaged 30 points in one season! Or that Kobe Bryant has only done it twice in his illustrious career. Where the heck is Charles Barkely?

Then you get players like Bob McAdoo & Adrian Dantley who don’t get much hobby love accomplishing the feat 3x each!

twymann auto
2011-12 Panini Gold Standard Jack Twymann Auto /99

With only 26 players to date in this elite group it would make a fun collection of cards to obtain and yes if you are wondering….there are modern day cards for you to pursue of Jack Twymann…








Kevin St JacqueContributing Author Kevin St. Jacque has been collecting cards, comics and watching baseball and basketball since the late-1970′s. He has over 1,100 Marvel sketch cards and just as many autographed and memorabilia sports insert cards. Raised in the LBC, he’s an avid Dodgers and Lakers fan. Recently he spends time with his young daughter hunting stores for Monster High dolls for her collection. You can find him contributing various hobby happenings on


Super Break IV

2014 Super Break – Are you ready for $3,000+ Packs?

Super Break III

Sports pack busting moves into the Ultra-High End with this repackaged product retailing around $3,400 per pack for 9 Premium Buyback Items per box. (Including 1-3 Full-Size Memorabilia Pieces per box) Packaged by Southern California Store – Southbay Sportscards they are limiting production to only 200 boxes each individually serial numbered and featuring multiple tamper-proof seals per box.

So the question is….will collectors who can afford to purchase a $3,000+ box…will they take the gamble knowing that each box contains about the same Retail Value? Or would they be more inclined to purchase the item(s) they want individually?

Super Break II

With a heavy concentration on the Top 15 Current Superstars and Top 20 Greatest Legends the product promises ONLY star players in Premium Products.

High End Basketball Autographs & Rookie Cards including: Michael Jordan, Kevin Durant, Lebron James, Kobe Bryant, Damian Lillard, Kyrie Irving, Wilt Chamberlain, Pete Maravich, Chris Paul & Blake Griffin.

Autographed Custom Jerseys, Authenic Jerseys, Game Used Jerseys, Shoes & Shorts,  Certified by Grey Flannel, Topps & Heritage. (Including Kobe Bryant, Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, Kevin Durant, Chris Paul, Blake Griffin, Shaquille O’Neal, Bill Russell Kyrie Irving, Damian Lillard, Klay Thompson, Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh, Larry Bird, Magic Johnson & Julius Erving)

Autographed Photos, Basketballs, Certified Cuts, Lithographs, Shoes, Magazines, Books & Boxing Gloves authenticated by Upper Deck, PSA/DNA, JSA, Mounted Memories, Hollywood Collectibles & Panini.  (Including Muhammad Ali, Mike Tyson, Michael Jordan, Pete Maravich, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, John Wooden & Paul George)

All the Top End Products over the past few years including Logomen, Patches, Tags, Booklets, 1/1′s, BGS 10′s, Population 1′s, PSA 10′s, Dual Signed, Triple Signed & Quad Signed cards.

Over (123) Michael Jordan Autographed UDA Items and Fleer Graded Rookie Cards, Very Limited, 1/1′s. Combo Auto’s & more

Full Sized Game Used Jerseys: Lebron James (Rookie Year Cleveland 3rd Game & High School Irish), Chris Paul – Clippers, Charles Barkley (Signed Twice!), Pau Gasol, Chris Bosh, LaMarcus Aldridge & Richard Hamilton

(1) Original 1/1 Art Sketch Cards in Every Box (at least) Including the first cards for the Top College Players in the March 2014 Tournament Hall of Famers- Combo’s and more.

2014 Super Break Box


Each Box of 2014 Super Deluxe Basketball Edition has the same ARV (Approximate Retail Value) When I spoke to Southbay directly they informed me that boxes were expected to retail in the $3,000-$3,500 range so I anticipate they loaded the boxes with that much Retail Value.

Less than (25) Items are included via redemption coupon. Items will ship Fast & Free upon receiving Redemption Coupon via mail.

Redemption Coupons Expire 180 Days After Product Release Date and all items are in stock!

Super Break IV



1st Give-Away Contest – Pete Rose “Hit King” Autograph

To celebrate the beginning of our website we are having our first Give-Away to our readers of a Global Authenticated 8×10 Autographed Photo of Pete Rose inscribed “Hit King 4,256″ for the number of hits Charlie Hustle had in his career!


We will randomize the winner (I will post that video) on Monday morning – February 17th.

You can earn up to 3 entries in the raffle!

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Good Luck to All & Happy Collecting!


2013 Bowman Mini Baseball Set – Are Factory Sets a Good Idea?



One of the fun parts of collecting cards for pack busters is building sets. With the announcement of Bowman Chrome’s new Mini-Factory Set which promises to take the best of Bowman, Bowman Chrome and Drafts and Prospects into a ready made set how will the hobby react?

For many this is an excellent opportunity (I personally didn’t break any Chrome baseball products in 2013 so I see it as a fast way to acquire the key rookies I missed out on.) On the other hand I can only imagine my potential frustration if I spent a lot of resources building those sets myself to see I could have waited.

Another theory being tested is the addition of 30 refractor parallel cards being inserted inside every set. So the age old tradition of buying a complete set and keeping it sealed is now going to be tested with to break open or not to break?

Is this going to become a new trend? Similar to Box/Case Breaks…will we be witnessing Set Breaks?

Will the $220+ price offering be too high?

I’d love to hear your thoughts…until then…Happy Collecting.

McAdoo vs Kareem

Kevin Durant vs. Bob McAdoo

It’s always interesting to me when I hear fans and card collectors talk about the greatest players in NBA history. Among the usual suspects mentioned are: Jordan, Magic, Bird, Wilt and Russell. Then later it usually turns to today’s stars – Kobe, LeBron, and Durant – ranking them among the game’s all-time greats. All of those players have some of the hobby’s most sought after rookie, memorabilia, and autographed cards and with each new release there are collectors looking to add to their collections.

Kevin-Durant-Exquisite-RC-Patch-AutoWhen people mention Durant and what he has accomplished in his first six season in the league – Rookie of the Year, 3x Scoring Champ, and an All-Star Game MVP – and anoint him as the next great of the game, it reminds me of a forgotten great scorer – Bob McAdoo.

McAdoo RCBob McAdoo doesn’t have as many sought after cards as Durant. But it’s interesting how their first six seasons stack up against each other and how similar they are. McAdoo was an undersized center at 6’9″ and Durant is a 6’11″ guard/forward, but what they both have in common is scoring the basketball. Just compare their stats for their first 6 seasons:

In Bob McAdoo’s first 6 seasons he was ROY, 3x Scoring Champ, NBA MVP and a 5x All-Star.

McAdoo Scoring Leader

  1. 1972-73 – ROY 18.0 ppg, 9.1 rpg, 1.7 apg
  2. 1973-74 – Scoring Champ, All-Star 30.6 ppg, 15.1 rpg, 2.3 apg, 1.2 spg, 3.3 bpg
  3. 1974-75 – MVP, Scoring Champ, All-Star 34.5 ppg, 14.1 rpg, 2.2 apg, 1.1 spg, 2.1 bpg
  4. 1975-76 – Scoring Champ, All-Star 31.1 ppg, 12.4 rpg, 4.0 apg, 1.2 spg, 2.1 bpg
  5. 1976-77 – All-Star 25.8 ppg, 12.9 rpg, 2.8 apg, 1.1 spg, 1.4 bpg
  6. 1977-78 – All-Star 26.5 ppg, 12.8 rpg, 3.8 apg, 1.3 spg, 1.6 bpg

Durant USA

In Kevin Durant’s first 6 seasons he was ROY, 3x Scoring Champ, 4x All-Star, and All-Star Game MVP.

  1. 2007-08 – ROY 20.3 ppg, 4.4 rpg, 2.4 apg, 1.0 spg
  2. 2008-09 25.3 ppg, 6.5 rpg, 2.8 apg, 1.3 spg
  3. 2009-10 – Scoring Champ, All-Star 30.1 ppg, 7.6 rpg, 2.8 apg, 1.4 spg, 1.0 bpg
  4. 2010-11 – Scoring Champ, All-Star 27.7 ppg, 6.8 rpg, 2.7 apg, 1.1 spg, 1.0 bpg
  5. 2011-12 – Scoring Champ, All-Star 28.0, 8.0 rpg, 3.5 apg, 1.3 spg, 1.2 bpg
  6. 2012-13 – All-Star, All-Star Game MVP 28.1 ppg, 7.9 apg, 4.6 apg, 1.4 spg, 1.3 bpg

McAdoo GoldI’m disappointed that McAdoo was the only former league MVP at the time not to be selected to the 1996′s NBA Top 50 at 50 Anniversary team. It’s probably one of the reasons why he’s not on as many collector’s radar and hopefully his omission will be rectified in the next anniversary team and he’ll be joined by Kevin Durant. But until then basketball collectors and fans can still pick up a Hall of Fame scoring machine’s certified autographed insert card for between $10-$20 which is just a fraction of what Durant’s autos usually sell for.

Durant McDonaldsKevin Durant is putting up some similar Hall of Fame numbers as McAdoo did back in the day. It’s just that his cards are a little more pricey. Are they worth it? It’s hard to say, but his numbers sure look HOF worthy.

Do you have any comparisons in mind? Maybe CP3 and KJ? Carmelo and Bernard King? Let’s take a look and find another star from yesterday who may be a collecting bargain!


Kevin St JacqueContributing Author Kevin St. Jacque has been collecting cards, comics and watching baseball and basketball since the late-1970′s. He has over 1,100 Marvel sketch cards and just as many autographed and memorabilia sports insert cards. Raised in the LBC, he’s an avid Dodgers and Lakers fan. Recently he spends time with his young daughter hunting stores for Monster High dolls for her collection. You can find him contributing various hobby happenings on


Jose Reyes - #66 - Moments & Milestones Black, Magenta, Cyan & Yellow Printing Plates

Baseball Card Printing Plate Sets – When a 1 of 1 can really become rare!

Jose Reyes - #66 - Moments & Milestones Black, Magenta, Cyan & Yellow Printing Plates
Jose Reyes – #66 – Moments & Milestones Black, Magenta, Cyan & Yellow Printing Plates

I have always been a fan of finding a Printing Plate in a wax pack….there is something cool about holding a plate used to manufacture the final card it represents. From the moment companies first started inserting them into packs I thought how cool would it be to obtain all Four plates of a single card and then frame it with the final product in the middle?

So whenever I was fortunate enough to pull a printing plate of a player I liked I would scour various auction sites and listings looking for the matching pieces of the puzzle. There is definitely some luck involved in this process as if the player is decent the odds of it finding a home in a personal collection and never being offered for sale is high.

Also there is the chance in an auction setting where your limits will be tested should you get into a slug fest with an individual player collector who just has to have that “1 of 1.” Which brings up the question….is it really a 1 of 1 if there are 4 of them?  Granted they each look slightly different….but in reality 4 different people can claim they have a printing plate of any individual card…..semantics perhaps.

So back to my challenge….with this particular card from 2008….my challenge is not complete….as to this day I am still looking for the base card with the number 78 next to Jose Reyes, the number of stolen bases he had in 2007, which this card is commemorating.

Thus if anyone has this card or knows someone who does please let me know……Also I would love to see anyone else’s collection of 4 plates of the same card!

Until then….Keep on busting!


Clemente base card collection.

Roberto Clemente – Collecting or Investing? Grade Cards – Yes or No?

Clemente base card collection.
Roberto Clemente base card collection.

One of my favorite childhood memories will forever be linked to when I was a young 8 year old boy and my father bought me a 1971 Roberto Clemente card. I cried because I was so upset he bought my older brother a 1960 All-Star Willie Mays card so it must have meant he loved him more since Willie Mays was one of the “Greatest Players of All-Time” and I got some no-name outfielder from Pittsburgh???

Later on I remember my Dad getting on one knee and telling me that Roberto Clemente was HIS favorite baseball player and someone who not only was one of the “Greatest Players of All-Time” but a great human being too and how he left the game and the world too early passing away helping people.

From that moment 30 years ago (around the early 80′s) we decided to collect a Clemente base card of every year he played in the Majors. Ahh….the “simple” years of collecting when there were not autographs, inserts, parallels, one-of-ones, and a million different product releases to collect this seemed obtainable. Of course there also was no internet, not many card stores initially, and the only way to track items down were through long drives to card shows and getting to know dealers.

It took us many wonderful years and journeys to get them all but once the collection was complete in the mid 90′s I put them away to eventually pass on to my children. So that brings up the next question.

One day my children may not be as interested in baseball cards….or perhaps my family would fall on an unexpected expense and need to liquidate the asset – should I get the cards graded?

It seems to me that a graded vintage card can become almost more liquid in the sense that they could put it on-line with little to no knowledge of the market and at least have a greater chance of getting the most value out of the item….I am thinking to protect the cards as an asset that would be my only choice?

I would love your thoughts on the topic and what you would or are doing with your collection/investment.




4 years & 3 months later...

Upper Deck Redemption Cards – 4 years & 3 months late?!?!

4 years & 3 months later...
4 years & 3 months later…

So call it a sign….I decide to start up this sports card collecting blog and magically in the mail arrives a package from Upper Deck! Mind you I haven’t purchased much wax in the past few years overall and didn’t even remember sending in any redemption cards lately.

As I read the letter of apology Upper Deck sent stating that they do their best to replace cards which didn’t end up getting created with ones of equal or similar value. I dug up my old Upper Deck Redemption log-in and saw that they in fact did owe me 4 cards all dating back between July & September of 2009!!!

  1. One of the cards was one I actually redeemed – Mario Chalmers – Signature Collection.
  2. The other Signature Collection I was supposed to receive (Wilson Chandler) had been replaced by Mo Williams.
  3. An SP Game Used Auto redemption of Rajon Rondo & Mo Williams was replaced by a Glen Davis & Larry Johnson Radiance Auto.
  4. An Ultimate Collection Brad Miller, Jason Thompson, & Sheldon Williams Auto was replaced by an SP Signature Edition Raymond Felton, Bobby Jackson, Rajon Rondo, and Keyon Dooling.
  5. A “bonus” card they added was a Sheldon Williams Game Used Jersey.

I think from an overall monetary value perspective the trade-outs were slightly in my favor….but I do have some issues I would like to bring up.

  • 4 years and 3 months is way to long to wait to send a replacement card….and in the case of Mario Chalmers were they just waiting to stick the auto sticker on a blank card for that long?
  • How much time is spent by an individual whose job it is to determine “fair & equal” value? I noticed they included a Rondo, and Mo auto (though on separate cards) and while I didn’t get a Sheldon Williams auto they dug up a game-used card. So there was obvious effort on someone’s part to ensure the players I redeemed were mostly accounted for. But again…did it take them over 4 years to make those determinations? Rondo & Mo were much hotter in 2009 than they are in 2013 for example.
  • What if I was a set-builder….I actually think that the amount of money I spent on Ultimate Collection Basketball in 2009 I would’ve preferred an auto or game used of that product as a replacement….but instead they arbitrarily went off players instead of equal from the same set.
  • If I was a player collector…sure you got me a Rondo and Mo Williams….but I could have already purchased those singles separately over the course of 4 years waiting for their response.

Finally how does Upper Deck Value time?

In 2009 I was box & case breaking trying to collect and recoup some of my investment….selling those products in a timely manner is important for many individuals. I do not think there is a wide market for a Shelden Williams Game Used 2009 card at the moment.

But let’s have the market decide.

I will put each of these cards on eBay under home_plate_1989 for sell this week and return to you with the results….

FINAL Sales Results Update – Not including Shipping Costs & Fees

  1. Larry Johnson & Glen Davis Dual Radiance Auto sold $18
  2. Mario Chalmers Auto RC sold $17
  3. Quad Auto SP Signature Edition sold $14
  4. Mo Williams Auto RC sold $13
  5. Sheldon Williams GU sold $0

Total Sold $62 or an average of $15 a year for each year I had to wait. Which got me to thinking about one final point. When collectors purchase a product with a “Suggested Retail Price” that price is dependent on cards that they could potentially get inside. When card companies use redemption cards there has to be a metric involved of the cost of NOT having to produce those cards ever. Like gift cards in the retail sector…many get “lost” or never redeemed (in wax packs they will remain for those who are holding sealed wax or collect sealed wax. In the end the only benefactor in this model are the card companies and definitely NOT the consumers.

Please share if you have had any of these types of delays….or “trades” on redemption cards…..I would even love to hear of GREAT stories where you were pleasantly surprised with the new item.

Until then….Keep on Busting!