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2014 In The Game Past Present Future Sale Sheet Baseball

2014 In The Game Past, Present, Future Baseball Sales Results – Swing & A Major Miss

1969 Topps Craig Nettles RC
1969 Topps Craig Nettles RC

This was a product with great potential that I feel took a cheap way out to fulfilling it’s orders. The Sale Sheet showed the promise of “vintage” Buy-Back Rookie cards and HOF Buy-Back Autographs, but the end results were a bit deceiving. The oldest Buy Back card we hit in our break for instance was a 1969 Craig Nettles RC PSA 9 (MC) or Miss Cut which only brought back $20.

Box Avg Price Sold Profit/Loss Key Hits
1 $145 $11 -$134 2011 Plates & Patches $83 ; Y.A. Tittle Auto $15
2 $145 $37 -$108 2011 Topps Chrome $129 ; John Mackey Auto $10
3 $145 $70 -$75 2007 UD Premier $100
4 $145 $64 -$81 2008 SP Rookie Threads $129
5 $145 $25 -$120 2012 Panini Black $147 ; Jimmy Johnson Auto $34
6 $145 $79 -$66 2013 Playbook $99 ; Maxie Baughan Auto $21
7 $145 $145 $0 2012 Topps Supreme $113 ; Herb Adderley Auto $22
8 $145 $44 -$101 2011 Playoff Contenders $114 ; Joe Namath Auto $51
9 $145 $44 -$101
10 $145 $19 -$126
Totals $1,450 $538 -$912

Other “notable” Buy Back Rookies we hit in our 10 box case were a 1974 Topps Dave Winfield RC PSA 4 ($10)and a 1985 Donruss Kirby Puckett ($10). After that the Buy Back signed “vintage” cards were a 1994 Ted Williams Card Co. Bobby Doer Auto ($5), 1984 Fleer Bert Blyleven Auto ($10) and a 1975 Topps Goose Gossage Auto ($10).

2014 ITG Past Present Future 1/1 Cut Auto
2014 ITG Past Present Future 1/1 Cut Auto

From the Buy Back perspective these are all cards that could be had in the bargain bin section of any local card show or auction on eBay.  One advantage of repackaged products “should” be the packager/manufacture can leverage volume in their purchasing power to procure a number of quality cards for a better price than an individual collector buying a single. I did not feel or see that with this product and simply having PSA create a custom slab label does not make the card under the plastic any more desirable.

2014 ITG Past Present Future Robin Yount Patch /5
2014 ITG Past Present Future Robin Yount Patch /5

Even our 1/1 Cut Auto which I assume was the case hit of Johnny Sain sold for a meager $18. The cards that seemed to be the most popular from the “Special” hits in the box were the patches which we hit Robin Yount and Duke Snider….they were very large swatches and fetched decent prices. I think two areas of potential improvement would be to remove the Die Cut PPF letters to reveal more of the Game Used Patch since they appear to be one large cut. Also just adding a head shot photo even without logo would increase the value for collectors.

As you can see the numbers were pretty brutal with over 16 Autographed cards remaining unsold that were listed for 7 days at $3 each. When collectors are paying $145 a box at sites like Blow Out Cards you expect more value, but as you can see 6 of our boxes from a sealed case lost over $100 each! That is practically no return. The “Best” box we hit broke us even, but the drop-off was major from that anomaly.

With an overall negative Return On Investment (ROI) of -62.9% we are advising you avoid opening this product at all costs.

2014 Topps Museum Collection Freddie Freeman Momentous Material Patch

2014 Topps Museum Collection Baseball Case Break Results – Big Mac is Back!

So if you missed the initial case break and product review you can find that here. For those of you following along let’s discuss some interesting financial results from this months case break.

2013 Topps Museum Collection
Box Avg Price Sold Profit/Loss Key Hits
1 $175 $70 -$105 Goldschmidt GU/99 $17, Troy Tulowitzki Auto $16, Ivan Rodriguez Bat/25 $20
2 $175 $174 -$1 Mark McGwire Blue Parallel /99 $33 (*Included Sale Price of 1 complete Base set 1-100 for $66)
3 $175 $86 -$89 DiDi Gregorius Auto GU/5 $47,
4 $175 $198 $23 Will Meyers Gold Framed Auto/15 $156, Matt Cain Patch/99 $35
5 $175 $335 $160 Freddie Freeman Momentous Material Patch/5 $255
6 $175 $184 $9 Nomar Garciappara Sketch/1 $71, Don Mattingly Auto/25 $51
7 $175 $73 -$102 Julio Tehran Archival Sepia Auto/5 $26
8 $175 $62 -$113 Christian Yelich Signature Swatches Auto GU/70 $15
9 $175 $69 -$106 Mike Schmidt Signature Swatches GU/5 $38
10 $175 $44 -$131 Billy Hamilton Redemption $20
11 $175 $74 -$101 Mark McGwire Green/199 $22
12 $175 $170 -$5 Nomar Garciaparra Book/10  $122
Totals $2,100 $1,539 -$561  

So Freddie Freeman takes the pole position for the highest sale price which is only fitting as the Momentous Material Patch numbered to 5 (as seen above in the header) is a case hit. Still $255 was much higher than I expected for the young up and coming slugger!

2014 Topps Museum Collection Nomar Garciaparra Sketch 1/1 Autograph Book /10
2014 Topps Museum Collection Nomar Garciaparra Sketch 1/1 Autograph Book /10

Round two would have to go to Nomar Garciaparra for the Booklet Autographed card /10 ($122) and the 1/1 Sketch card ($71) showing that No-Mar still commands hobby dollar respect!

Some other points of interest are that out of a 12 box case I was only able to make 1 complete base set (cards 1-100) which brought in $66 and is actually a good deal when compared to the retail price of a single box.

2014 Topps Museum Collection Mark McGwire Blue Parallel /99
2014 Topps Museum Collection Mark McGwire Blue Parallel /99

I was also pleasantly surprised that Mark McGwire has a strong following in the parallel card market. His Green Parallel /199 sold for $22 while his Blue Parallel /99 sold for $33 to two different buyers!

While we are on the nostalgia tip of Nomar and McGwire let’s throw in the Donnie Baseball Don Mattingly autograph /25 which brought in $51.

All in All 2014 Topps Museum Collection was a lot of fun to break….the boxes can definitely provide some sparks and special hits….but as with any high-end product the chance to miss/lose is also high as well.

In my case break 60% of the boxes would lose a collector over $100 each. As of today the boxes/cases can be found on-line for LESS THAN we paid through a distributor as a sports card dealer. So the value of the unopened product has slid a bit which is actually shocking too me as I do believe this is a high quality product….but that can be useful to a collector as you know their isn’t a lot (or any) mark-up going on with the current inventories being held.

Until next time….Happy collecting….& Keep Busting!!!


2014 Donruss Trout vs. Puig

2014 Donruss Group Break – Los Angeles Dodgers & Angels

I participated in a Case Break of 2014 Donruss Baseball with Twitter’s @brentandbecca

Trout Elite 624
2014 Donruss Mike Trout Elite /999
Puig Dominators
2014 Donruss Yasiel Puig Dominator /999

I personally enjoy the Group Breaks where you get to select your team(s) as I feel you have a little more control over where you money is spent….though it is always a gamble as there are no guarantees on hits and in higher end products with low production runs you can even come up with ZERO cards.

2014 Donruss is a “fun” product to open as the majority of their inserts give a  respectful nod to their past inserts so you get the whole “retro” feel going on.

Though the low numbered “hits” were far and few in between….I believe from the overall case the lowest numbered insert I recall was around /99?

There were two autographs of Oscar Tavares and one autograph of Miguel Sano but other than those in  a 16 box case it was a bust.

Kershaw 99
2014 Clayton Kershaw Press Proof /99

I paid $60 for the Dodgers & $60 for the Angels but I was paying for the chance to get a Autograph of Puig or Trout for the personal collection. Alas it wasn’t meant to be….Next time!

So which team would you have wanted?

Till next time….Keep on Busting!