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2014 Leaf Best of Basketball Sale Sheet

2014 Leaf Best of Basketball – Repackaging is running out of gas….

2014 Leaf Best of Basketball 3 Box Case Break Results
2014 Leaf Best of Basketball 3 Box Case Break Results

Upon my return to our beloved Hobby I quickly embraced the “Repackaging” trend as in many ways I missed the initial releases or opportunity to pull some of the “hits” during my hiatus.

2014 Leaf Best of Basketball Carmelo Anthony Sketch 1/1
2014 Leaf Best of Basketball Carmelo Anthony Sketch 1/1

Now after several case breaks I am quickly burnt out. As I mentioned in my previous blog post – Sketch cards need to go – or at least add some innovation. When you take a product like 2014 Leaf Best of Basketball which is retailing for over $250 a box and you only get two cards….I prefer NONE of my money goes towards an artist I never heard of making a sketch of a random player. With over half the of the ones sold on ebay bringing in less than $20 there just isn’t much “value” in many collectors view for the “1/1″

Putting the gimmick of a “1/1″ aside let’s discuss the buy-back inserts. Using my case as a sample I don’t see any card I couldn’t buy for $100 or less. I understand manufactures have to accommodate for overhead and packaging costs…but in a down economy I feel if I walked into a national cardshow with $50k-$100k of cash I could

1989 Hoops David Robinson Auto PSA
1989 Hoops David Robinson Auto PSA

leverage those finances to swing some fairly significant buy opportunities with dealers. Cash is king…and I grew up in an industry where Al Rosen, Mr. Mint, was infamous for walking up to a dealer, buying out his inventory….and putting his own guy behind the table to start selling instantly.

I don’t expect Leaf to lose money…and I don’t expect to make money on any of my breaks. But the disparity between laying out $750+ for a case versus the value being returned in the individual cards is becoming far too great.

This hobby has consistently worried about attracting younger collectors (which we seem to have blown right past with today’s prices) but I think more attention should be paid to keeping your existing collectors into the hobby.

For now I am pulling back on purchasing any repackaged product until I start to view better results….hopefully my overall collecting habits wont take me all the way out of the stadium again.

Until Next Time,




2013-14 Panini Intrigue Sale Sheet

2013-14 Panini Intrigue Basketball Break Results Not So Intriguing

Disappointment and surprise are two adjectives I would use to describe the sales results on these two boxes.  I was relieved I listened to my intuition on not breaking a case as that could have been absolutely brutal. The card designs themselves were fun but the overall value per box left much to be desired.

Out of two boxes that retail for $135 a box….not one card sold for more than $20! You can catch the break here and in my opinion the two coolest cards (O.J. Mayo Prime Patch & Kyrie Irvining Die Cut Gold /10) sold pretty cheap.

2013-14 Panini Intrigue Basketball O.J. Mayo Top Flight Prime Patch /25
2013-14 Panini Intrigue Basketball O.J. Mayo Top Flight Prime Patch /25
Box # SRP Sold Profit/Loss Key Sales
1 $135 $57 -$78 Kyrie Irving Gold/10 $20, Robert Parish /15 Auto $6, Teague/10 $5, Draft #10 $18
2 $135 $38 -$97 O.J. Mayo Prime Patch $20, Draft #13 ($10)
Total $270 $95 -$175
ROI -64.8%

Two of the autographs I pulled didn’t even sell (i.e. Kenyon Martin which I listed for $2 and Spud Webb which I listed at $5). It just doesn’t seem the hype or demand is/was there for this product.

2013-14 Panini Intrigue Basketball Draft Redemption Cards
2013-14 Panini Intrigue Basketball Draft Redemption Cards

The Draft Redemption cards actually sold for much higher than I thought. Getting $18 for the 10th pick in the draft (i.e. not knowing who it will be) seemed excessive….but not even those surprise sales could save me as I ended up losing $175 on the two box break for an ROI of  -65%.

Oh well…they can’t all be good….on the to the next break & Catch you next time!



2013-14 Panini Titanium Tracy McGrady Gamers Game Used Patch /25

2013-14 Panini Titanium Case Break Sales Results

2013-14 Panini Titanium Connie Hawkins Autograph

From an overall enjoyment factor – breaking a case 2013-14 Panini Titanium Basketball hit the target spot-on. I enjoyed the mixture of of recent historical NBA references like the game used Tracy McGrady Patch….to the Hall of Fame and Playground Legend homage to “The Hawk” Connie Hawkins.



The 8 Box Case did well in the sales break-down below (assuming one were to sell every card on the week of release) and candidly I was a bit shocked as some cards sold for much lower than I would have anticipated.

2013-14 Panini Titanium Basketball
Box Avg Price Sold Profit/Loss Key Hits
1 $90 $38 -$52 Kobe Bryant GU $8, Shaquille O’Neal GU $17,                      Michael Carter-Williams GU $10
2 $90 $20 -$70 Larry Johnson Auto $12
3 $90 $70 -$20 Kobe Bryant & Pau Gasol Patch /25 $44
4 $90 $174 $84 Giannis Antetokounmpo /13 $155
5 $90 $111 $21 Kobe Bryant Auto $100,
6 $90 $41 -$49 Tracy McGrady GU Patch $23
7 $90 $105 $15 Anthony Davis 1/1 $80
8 $90 $25 -$65 Connie Hawkins $10
Totals $720 $584 -$136
Lakers Patch
2013-14 Panini Titanium Kobe Bryant Pau Gasol /25 Game Used Patch

I think the Larry Johnson Auto at $12 was a steal! (*Which is why I am happy I held on to mine for my personal collection….Grandmama in a Knicks Jersey?!?! Bonus!)

The Game Used Swatches were significant and designed really well…and there were some cool patches included in the 8 boxes too – Still trying to ID where Pau’s came from!

Anthony Davis 1
2013-14 Panini Titanium Anthony Davis 1/1

My only regret was how low my Anthony Davis 1/1 sold for….I started it out at $49.95 on eBay to see if I could garner attention…and while it did attract over 20+ watchers….the bidding war never emerged that I expected. For under $100 I would have preferred to keep that card for myself….next time I will start the bidding higher! <sigh> farewell my friend it was nice to have you momentarily.

Though the one true Rookie card I did pull from my case was garnering some heavy sales figures based on three sales of comparable cards….I am glad stayed it my PC!

Panini Titanium Giannis Antetokounmpo /13 RC
Panini Titanium Giannis Antetokounmpo /13 RC

If you missed my initial break of the case you can click here for the article or check the video below. Until next time…..Keep Busting!


2013-14 Panini Titanium Basketball is Better than Gold!

I have to admit I was pretty nervous breaking this 8 Box case of 2013-14 Panini Titanium Basketball as those who follow me know my luck was horrendous in Panini’s Gold Standard case break! But I am happy to say my faith in Panini has been restored and I have found some of my Mojo with my second solid break in a row!

The case started off as a Lakers box with Shaq, Nash, Gasol game used and Kobe, Kobe, Kobe….Did I mention Kobe?

Titanium Kobe Game Used, Autographs and Patches oh my!
Titanium Kobe Game Used, Autographs and Patches oh my!

The Kobe Autograph is going in my personal collection but I had to stare and admire that Kobe/Gasol Prime combo /25. Gasol’s piece looks like a piece of that sleeve he wears giving a really cool contrast to Kobe’s letter patch!

The Rookie cards in this series are intentionally hard to pull with the original sell sheet saying one per 8 box case….so initially I thought this was my RC hit:

Michael Carter-Williams Titantic Threads RC

But then when I was sorting through the pile of cards I noticed a few were turned around and as I flipped one over I saw this….

Giannis 13
2013 Panini Titanium Giannis Antetokounmpo Parallel Draft Year RC /13!

The Greek Freak staring back at me with a low serial number?!?! I am still torn what to do with this card as I have seen some crazy prices on Giannis’ Gold Refractor Prizm RC….but this one may end up at BGS and then into the PC.

So if you watch the video you may notice that I don’t even acknowledge the BIG HIT since it is turned backwards and I thought oh another duplicate base (got triplicates of many players) but upon sorting I flip this Bad Boy over….

Anthony Davis 1
2013 Panini Titanium Anthony Davis Draft Year Parallel 1/1

I was stunned (and albeit slightly embarrassed I didn’t catch the card during the video break!) but a 1/1 card of one of the hottest players in the NBA right now. I wanted to add it to my PC….but alas you can’t keep everything….otherwise where will I get money for my next break?!?!?

So you can find the Unibrow along with other cards from my break on eBay under home_plate_1989


I will follow up in a week or so with the results after the sales are completed.

Until Then…..Keep on Busting!


“Fool’s Gold” – 2013-14 Panini Gold Standard Doesn’t Add Up

I had such high expectations for Panini on a product that is retailing at $180 a box & $1,800 a 10-box case that I felt it would be enjoyable and worth a gamble backed by a quality brand. Yet I felt empty after busting my case on-line as each box felt it was lacking in over-all value. So I listed all of the cards (hits, base & redemption) I got out of the 10 box case and below you will see the final results per box. (*I didn’t subtract sales fees or shipping costs…these are straight up sold for prices)

2013-14 Panini Gold Standard Basketball
Box Price Sold Profit/Loss Key Hits
1 $180 $59 -$121 Demar Derozan Gold $20
2 $180 $113 -$67 Kevin Durant Gold /20 $90
3 $180 $58 -$122 Joakim Noah Auto /25 $20
4 $180 $40 -$140 Kelly Olynyk Auto GU RC $10
5 $180 $194 $14 Scottie Pippen Auto /49 $165
6 $180 $53 -$127 Damien Lillard /49 $13
7 $180 $21 -$159 Pau Gasol Game Used $9
8 $180 $35 -$145 A.Davis / D.Lillard Insert /49 $12
9 $180 $193 $13 Dion Waiters Patch /7 $122 & Magic Johnson Auto Redemption/49 $52
10 $180 $45 -$135 Cody Zeller Auto GU RC $17
Totals $1,800 $811 -$989  

7 out of the 10 boxes I lost more than $120 on each and the 2 boxes I was able to basically break even on required the major hits of the case. Just to be clear I never break expecting to make a profit. I am a collector at heart and if I have fun in the experience and come across a few cards for the Personal Collection along the way then all the better.

At the same time I don’t expect to lose a $1,000 and not even pull a card for my PC than I can get excited about. There is no “fun” in that experience.  With 8 redemption cards out of 10 boxes…and duplicate autographed rookies (*See my Initial Reaction Post) Panini should be more careful in how they collate the value into their cases so that one collector or even one retail store doesn’t get such a poor case in regards to value.

Perhaps Panini was mining the Gold for themselves or we must have very different definitions and standards.



2013-14 Panini Gold Standard Case Break Results

My initial reaction after breaking a 10 Box Case of Panini Gold Standard is I like the High Quality of the product in regards to paper stock, game used jersey swatches, metal cards and the majority of on-card autographs. I also like little innovations like including 14kt Gold circles inside select insert cards.


I was disappointed however with what I found to be the overall value in my particular case. This included 8 redemption cards out of my 10 boxes which is a little too many for my taste as well as the collation of the product gave me duplicates of one of the Auto RC’s as well as two duplicates in the Metal cards which run about 1 a pack.

On the rookie side of the equation which are a big draw for this product running about two Auto Jersey cards per box I found this case to be severely lacking in higher end picks. As you can see 80% of my Auto RC cards were basically below the 20th pick even doubling up on #49 so any thoughts of me building a set went out the window missing so many key cards. Out of the first 20 players drafted last year I would need to purchase 17 of them. 


Round Player Pick
1 Cody Zeller 4
1 Kelly Olynyk 13
1 Shane Larkin ® 18
1 Tony Snell 20
1 Mason Plumlee 22
1 Reggie Bullock 25
1 Andre Roberson ® 26
2 Isaiah Canaan 34
2 Glen Rice Jr 35
2 Jeff Withey 39
2 Ryan Kelly 48
2 Erik Murphy 49
2 Erik Murphy 49
2 Peyton Siva 56

Waiters PatchI was also disappointed by my case hit. I have seen other breaks on-line now and my Dion Waiters Game Used patch numbered to 7 pales in comparison to the Bullion Inserts and higher end Game Used Patches that you have seen surfacing. When a collector spends this much money on a case I would hope a better “hit” would be in the pay-off.


Durant GoldI think the top card pulled out of this case would be the Durant Gold Record /20, but it is a big hole to crawl out of to recoup the funds used to purchase this case…and unfortunately I don’t think Durant 14kt will make much of a dent!

1st Pippen Auto pulled - going into PC.
1st Pippen Auto pulled – going into PC.

I will be listing the majority of cards pulled from this case on eBay over the next week and I will release a follow-up post so you can see if these “Dollars Made Cents” – giving a box by box analysis of cards pulled to funds recouped.

I do think this is a very high quality product with a lot of potential – but this case shows a very large hit or miss potential. Until next time – Happy Hunting!

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