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In The Game Stickwork In The Running for Product of the Year!


In a single word….Impressive. From the moment I first saw the sale sheet from In The Game Stickwork the product just seemed so innovative and cool that I ordered a couple of boxes not even being a Hockey Collector just because I wanted to see the product in person. Then after a week of looking around I felt like this could really be a special release so I bumped my order up to a case! Perhaps it is the push of not having a NHL license, or perhaps ITG is just full of creative individuals striving to push our hobby to the next level…but either way the results were impressive!

2013 In The Game Stickwork
Box Price Sold Profit/Loss Key Hits
1 $150 $59 -$91 3x Stick Rack (Fuhr, Moog, Joseph) $29
2 $150 $72 -$78 Artus Irbe $26
3 $150 $169 $19  2xTape(Beliveau, Richard) $137
4 $150 $105 -$45 Dual Stickrack Dryden Bros $50
5 $150 $70 -$80 Jagr $41
6 $150 $278 $128 Sakic est. $80 Yzerman 500 /4 est $125 & Lemieux $73
7 $150 $288 $138 Messier/Gretzky Dual Tape $87, Thornton/Nabokov 1/1 $101 & Enshrined Yzerman est. $125
8 $150 $115 -$35 Vintage Concher $69
9 $150 $62 -$88 Sean Burke $26
10 $150 $340 $190 Quad Gordie Howe, Kennedy, Richard & Morenz $250
Totals $1,500 $1,558 $58

Quad Howe 1

For those of you familiar with my system I break all boxes or cases with my own funds and then sell the majority of singles back and keep a few cards along the way for my PC. In the case with In The Game Stickwork I was EXTREMELY surprised to be able recoup all my funds back in the product I opened! In comparison check out my 2013-14 Panini Gold Standard Basketball case break and you will see the OTHER side of the spectrum! (*For cards I keep in my PC I look for the same or similar card sold on eBay during the same time period my other cards were listed.)

Tape Dual Beliveau 1


Each box the cards were already in magnetic cases and for the majority of cards you would find BOLD multi-colored swatches of game used sticks all around. Actually the times when there were no multi-colors were some of the cards I enjoyed the most as they tended to be of the vintage variety like the Quad Stick Gordie Howe, Ted Kennedy, Maurice Richard and Howie Morenz /9.

Yzerman 500a


I believe the future of our collecting hobby will be limited print/distribution runs like In The Game’s Stickwork where only 2500 boxes are produced thus avoiding the mass production that tends to drive down the overall value of cards.

When you can maintain and potentially increase the value of your investment from opening wax….I think the trade off of a higher per box price is worth that opportunity vs. spending $50-$75 a box that is filled with mostly commons.

Congratulations & a Sincere Thank You to In The Game for making an outstanding product….and one that is in the running for my vote on product of the year!



2014 Stickwork – A High End Product that DELIVERS!

Initial reaction: This was one of the most fun breaks I have had in some time! Even more unique to that statement is I don’t collect Hockey cards! Each of the stick swatches seemed more impressive than the next and you could tell that In The Game (ITG) took great care in the quality control process and creation of these Hockey works of art!


You can find a great mix of Hall of Fame Game Used Material

Quad Howe 1


Every insert subset is low numbered with no insert having more than 19 cards in existence! With only three cards per box it still felt like I was getting my money’s worth each time I opened a box!

Yzerman 500a

So to begin my Hockey collection ITG has made it difficult in picking WHICH cards to keep! Great Job ITG we can’t wait to see what you come out with NEXT!



Make sure to subscribe to our blog as we will be posting some financial results as we list cards on eBay to see what collectors value inside the box.

Until then….Keep on Busting!