1958 Topps Uncut Sheet Baseball Cards Mickey Mantle

Ever wanted to create your own baseball card? Topps Contest can help with that!

Now this is innovation I can get behind & it is great for our hobby! Topps will be accepting submissions of pictures from fans this year and will select up to 30 of them to be included in 2015 Topps Opening Day flagship product as inserts!

APTOPIX Rays Yankees BaseballEvery one who attends a baseball game ends up taking a picture or two – all of us hoping to capture a fleeting moment of our memory on film (or in today’s age in pixels).

Winners will be judged on the photo’s creativity and originality and submission are to be posted to Topps’s official Instagram @toppssports with the hash tag #ToppsLive. More information about the specific rules can be found here at Topps.com.

Baseball Fight
Baseball Fight

So what are you waiting for….get to a game and start taking pictures! If you are selected let us know as we will secure a copy of the card and want the whole story (and a signed copy as well for our Card Wall of Fame!) Is anyone else hoping that the first “Fight” baseball card is created?

Until Next Time….Happy Collecting!


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