Clemente base card collection.

Roberto Clemente – Collecting or Investing? Grade Cards – Yes or No?

Clemente base card collection.
Roberto Clemente base card collection.

One of my favorite childhood memories will forever be linked to when I was a young 8 year old boy and my father bought me a 1971 Roberto Clemente card. I cried because I was so upset he bought my older brother a 1960 All-Star Willie Mays card so it must have meant he loved him more since Willie Mays was one of the “Greatest Players of All-Time” and I got some no-name outfielder from Pittsburgh???

Later on I remember my Dad getting on one knee and telling me that Roberto Clemente was HIS favorite baseball player and someone who not only was one of the “Greatest Players of All-Time” but a great human being too and how he left the game and the world too early passing away helping people.

From that moment 30 years ago (around the early 80′s) we decided to collect a Clemente base card of every year he played in the Majors. Ahh….the “simple” years of collecting when there were not autographs, inserts, parallels, one-of-ones, and a million different product releases to collect this seemed obtainable. Of course there also was no internet, not many card stores initially, and the only way to track items down were through long drives to card shows and getting to know dealers.

It took us many wonderful years and journeys to get them all but once the collection was complete in the mid 90′s I put them away to eventually pass on to my children. So that brings up the next question.

One day my children may not be as interested in baseball cards….or perhaps my family would fall on an unexpected expense and need to liquidate the asset – should I get the cards graded?

It seems to me that a graded vintage card can become almost more liquid in the sense that they could put it on-line with little to no knowledge of the market and at least have a greater chance of getting the most value out of the item….I am thinking to protect the cards as an asset that would be my only choice?

I would love your thoughts on the topic and what you would or are doing with your collection/investment.




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