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The Birth of “For Love of Home Plate”

This blog was born out of my passion and interest in Sports cards and Comic Books since I was a young boy. Growing up I would save my allowance and buy as many 25 cent sports card packs or 50 cent comic books I could get my hands on at the local liquor store. You remember the days when the collecting ground was fairly even for anyone to participate?

I have Loved this hobby/business for over 30+ years but I feel that the true collector’s voice has been lost in today’s market. In 1989 my family and I opened Home Plate Sportscards. For over 10 years people would come into our store asking questions about how to get started collecting, what to collect, what were good products to buy, etc…and we became a source of information and a connection to the hobby. We were always compelled to be as honest as possible because we believed you treated people the way you wanted to be treated, and one lapse in judgement meant you could lose a customer forever, while an act of honesty, integrity and kindness could mean you gained more customers from word of mouth.

Till this day our business lives on – now outside of a physical retail store (We closed that avenue after 10 years) – but we can be found twice a week at the Frank & Sons Tradeshow in Southern California, periodically at the LA and Orange County Fairs, and on-line at eBay.

My hope is that the current hobby enthusiasts of Sports cards and Comic Books will find their way to this blog as a tool in making informed decisions about where to spend their valuable resources. Columns like “Dollars & Sense” will give 100% candid product reviews by spending real money breaking boxes/cases and then selling those items on-line and posting the results. Based on those findings perhaps you will be able to identify what products you will roll the dice with and collect in the most informed manner. I am tired of seeing videos where card companies provide free boxes that always seem to have a great hits and reviews by individuals who are financially motivated to have you purchase their products or box breaks. We will let the actual market decide an items value and tabulate the final results.

I will reference what is going on in current sporting events and pop culture and offer speculative views on the potential impact on specific items that could be a worthwhile investment. Or perhaps you already own some items and it could bring a renewed light onto your collection.

This is no longer my source of income. I am writing for those of us looking to have fun, collect some items that connect us to players, the past and maybe invest a little. A place where we can share relevant information that is not being controlled by the engine looking to profit from you.

Welcome to the collecting revolution.

Ed Burgos - For Love of Home Plate

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