4 years & 3 months later...

Upper Deck Redemption Cards – 4 years & 3 months late?!?!

4 years & 3 months later...
4 years & 3 months later…

So call it a sign….I decide to start up this sports card collecting blog and magically in the mail arrives a package from Upper Deck! Mind you I haven’t purchased much wax in the past few years overall and didn’t even remember sending in any redemption cards lately.

As I read the letter of apology Upper Deck sent stating that they do their best to replace cards which didn’t end up getting created with ones of equal or similar value. I dug up my old Upper Deck Redemption log-in and saw that they in fact did owe me 4 cards all dating back between July & September of 2009!!!

  1. One of the cards was one I actually redeemed – Mario Chalmers – Signature Collection.
  2. The other Signature Collection I was supposed to receive (Wilson Chandler) had been replaced by Mo Williams.
  3. An SP Game Used Auto redemption of Rajon Rondo & Mo Williams was replaced by a Glen Davis & Larry Johnson Radiance Auto.
  4. An Ultimate Collection Brad Miller, Jason Thompson, & Sheldon Williams Auto was replaced by an SP Signature Edition Raymond Felton, Bobby Jackson, Rajon Rondo, and Keyon Dooling.
  5. A “bonus” card they added was a Sheldon Williams Game Used Jersey.

I think from an overall monetary value perspective the trade-outs were slightly in my favor….but I do have some issues I would like to bring up.

  • 4 years and 3 months is way to long to wait to send a replacement card….and in the case of Mario Chalmers were they just waiting to stick the auto sticker on a blank card for that long?
  • How much time is spent by an individual whose job it is to determine “fair & equal” value? I noticed they included a Rondo, and Mo auto (though on separate cards) and while I didn’t get a Sheldon Williams auto they dug up a game-used card. So there was obvious effort on someone’s part to ensure the players I redeemed were mostly accounted for. But again…did it take them over 4 years to make those determinations? Rondo & Mo were much hotter in 2009 than they are in 2013 for example.
  • What if I was a set-builder….I actually think that the amount of money I spent on Ultimate Collection Basketball in 2009 I would’ve preferred an auto or game used of that product as a replacement….but instead they arbitrarily went off players instead of equal from the same set.
  • If I was a player collector…sure you got me a Rondo and Mo Williams….but I could have already purchased those singles separately over the course of 4 years waiting for their response.

Finally how does Upper Deck Value time?

In 2009 I was box & case breaking trying to collect and recoup some of my investment….selling those products in a timely manner is important for many individuals. I do not think there is a wide market for a Shelden Williams Game Used 2009 card at the moment.

But let’s have the market decide.

I will put each of these cards on eBay under home_plate_1989 for sell this week and return to you with the results….

FINAL Sales Results Update – Not including Shipping Costs & Fees

  1. Larry Johnson & Glen Davis Dual Radiance Auto sold $18
  2. Mario Chalmers Auto RC sold $17
  3. Quad Auto SP Signature Edition sold $14
  4. Mo Williams Auto RC sold $13
  5. Sheldon Williams GU sold $0

Total Sold $62 or an average of $15 a year for each year I had to wait. Which got me to thinking about one final point. When collectors purchase a product with a “Suggested Retail Price” that price is dependent on cards that they could potentially get inside. When card companies use redemption cards there has to be a metric involved of the cost of NOT having to produce those cards ever. Like gift cards in the retail sector…many get “lost” or never redeemed (in wax packs they will remain for those who are holding sealed wax or collect sealed wax. In the end the only benefactor in this model are the card companies and definitely NOT the consumers.

Please share if you have had any of these types of delays….or “trades” on redemption cards…..I would even love to hear of GREAT stories where you were pleasantly surprised with the new item.

Until then….Keep on Busting!





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